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Agri-Service Centres
These centres are the heart of the Division. Each centre looks after the same three primary needs of the farmer: technical guidance, high quality agri-inputs at reasonable price and output marketing with value addition. However, each centre faces a different set of challenges... [more]
Initiatives in Fairtrade cotton
Establishing a brand
When Agrocel took up the cause of cotton, there was no international certification for fair trade cotton. The Division therefore pioneered and developed Indian fair trade standards. But, with the global increase in the demand for fair trade cotton... [more]
Initiatives in Fairtrade food crops
Fairtrade Basmati rice
The Division became the first Indian supplier of Fairtrade basmati rice when Traidcraft, placed a large order for this premium variety of rice. It set up a project in Kaithal district in Haryana in northern India. This district was originally part of the Kurushetra district famous for its production of the highly aromatic, long grain taravri (HBC19) variety of basmati... [more]
Bullet3 Fairtrade Raisins
The Division is also a pioneer in the cultivation of Fairtrade raisins in Sangli district in Maharashtra state. With the capacity to produce over a thousand tonnes of raisins per year... [more]
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Fairtrade and organic certification
JatendrabhaiDevrajbhai: All my life I have cultivated this one acre patch of land on which I grow cotton, castor crop and sorghum. Because of the arid nature of the land and several droughts, I was not able to grow enough to feed my family of four members.   more

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