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Initiatives in Fairtrade food crops
Fairtrade Basmati rice
The Division became the first Indian supplier of Fairtrade basmati rice when Traidcraft, placed a large order for this premium variety of rice. It set up a project in Kaithal district in Haryana in northern India. This district was originally part of the Kurushetra district famous for its production of the highly aromatic, long grain taravri (HBC19) variety of basmati. The Division organized about four hundred farmers and educated them in Fairtrade certification processes and documentation. The project spread over 2000 acres was a huge success. The farmers�� association used the premium to purchase high-tech agricultural equipment including three rota-vator and lazer levelers to further enhance their productivity.

Agrocel Basmati Rice Development


Water Management Practices

Fairtrade raisins
The Division is also a pioneer in the cultivation of Fairtrade raisins in Sangli district in Maharashtra state. With the capacity to produce over a thousand tones of raisins per year, in a 227 acre project involving 100 farmers, this is perhaps the largest Fairtrade crop project in the world.
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