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Success Stories

Drip Irrigation

Laljibhai Dholu: I have been using drip irrigation system since 2007. Before that I was putting 25 kg of urea on one acre of cotton, but now I only need 5 kg of urea. Also, with drip irrigation, I don’t have to spray the chemical product; all I have to do is mix the product with the water and open the valve. So along with saving money, my health also gets protected.

Drip Irrigation
Manjibhai Dvekariya: I have 36 acres of land but I could not cultivate nearly half of this land because I could not get sufficient water from the lake. Then in 2006, I set up drip irrigation. With the same amount of water I can now irrigate all my 36 acres. My income has gone up. I earn Rs. 2,00,000/- more every year. I have bought a motorbike for myself and can now pay my children’s school fees.
Drip Irrigation
Kanabhai Bijal: I was under frustration in 2004-2005 because of less land under irrigation, low production and tractor loan. Then I established drip irrigation system in my field with technical support of Agrocel Industries Ltd and my income has increased by 50% along with reduction of cost of production by 35%. After setting up drip irrigation, I have also used many new agricultural techniques like crop rotation, organic farming.
I am happy to take this step towards sustainability. And, State Government of Gujarat gave me Rishi of Krishi award also!
Fairtrade certification
Babubhai: I know that I can protect myself against local traders since I belong to the Agrocel Pure and Fair Cotton Growers�� Association (APFCGA). Every morning I am sure that my work will be rewarded at a fair value. I am not afraid of the future anymore.
Organic certification
Jatendrabhai: Before joining the organic certification, I spent a lot of money on chemical fertilizers which also made my land more and more infertile. Now I realize how important organic practices are to safeguard and enrich the soil and land. Organic certification has totally revolutionized my standard of living. It is a great opportunity for income generation and my whole family benefits.I think organic certification is a gift for sustainable future and also for the environment.

Fairtrade and organic certification

Devrajbhai: All my life I have cultivated this one acre patch of land on which I grow cotton, castor crop and sorghum. Because of the arid nature of the land and several droughts, I was not able to grow enough to feed my family of four members. For years I was putting chemicals into the soil but the yield was getting poorer and poorer. I did not have the money to send my children to school. The situation was very bad indeed.
On top of that, I was not able to pay for labour during harvest time.

In 2004 I joined Agrocel Pure and Fair Cotton Growers�� Association (APFCGA). The field officers advised me to install a well recharging system. They also recommended that I join the Fairtrade and organic certifications so that I can be assured of a good price for my cotton crop and do not have to be at the mercy of local buyers who fix the price among themselves and cheat us.

After getting into organic practices I realized that using chemicals was such a waste of time and resources.  Thanks to the field officers and the APFCGA’s training program, I have adopted many new and useful techniques that have reduced inputs. And with organic practices, I and my family will enjoy better health.  My income has improved by 150%. I have bought three more acres of land and am also able to send my children to school. One of them will go to university next year. The future looks bright. Because what I am doing now is sustainable.

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