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Agrocel Industries Ltd
Our Vision

Company Profile

Agrocel Industries Private Limited is part of the Shroff Group of Companies which includes Excel Industries Limited, Transpek Industry Limited, TML Industries and Ansul Speciality Molecules Ltd.
It is a closely-held limited company comprising two divisions:
Marine Chemicals Division
The Marine Chemicals Division which took on the challenge of setting up the first-ever industry in the inaccessible salt desert area, uses its world class technical expertise to transform sea bittern into virgin Bromine as well as a wide range of value-added Bromine compounds.
Agri-Service Division
The Agri-Service Division seeks to bring prosperity and equity to the small and marginal Indian farmer by involving him in organic and Fairtrade movements and taking care of output marketing with value addition for main as well as rotational crops.


Agrocel is an unconventional Company. Its two divisions are diverse in their businesses. While one division prides itself on being an ethical agent that produces and markets Fairtrade, organic cotton as well as food products, the other is a world class manufacturer and exporter of Bromine–based speciality and fine chemicals of the highest quality.

The Company is driven as much by the desire to generate wealth as by a deeply felt passion to be of service, to add value and empower especially those people and communities that have been neglected. From this strong motivating impulse comes the daring to venture into the unknown, battle adverse conditions with minimal resources, trust and nurture each team member and in a spirit of togetherness search for simple, ingenious and ethical solutions to complex problems.

Agrocel’s success is an outcome of its commitment to these core values and of its respectful relationship with the natural world whose resources it uses judiciously, responsibly and with infinite gratitude. The Company is proud of achieving not only success but also significance; for making a contribution to the nation as a whole as well as to the grassroots where reside small and marginal farmers as well as those who have made their home in remote border areas.

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