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Set up in 1994, this Division has swiftly become an expert manufacturer of Bromine as well as a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Bromine-based speciality and fine chemicals. It has a full–fledged industrial complex right in the heart of the Greater Rann salt desert. This location affords a unique advantage: it is from this 28,000 acre–site that the Division harnesses the principal raw material – sea bittern – which is not only renewable but also unlimited in its availability. Other features of the salt desert including minimum rainfall, maximum hot sunny days, moderate to low humidity, high wind speed and the endless expanse of barren land – all these are highly favourable for the manufacture of Bromine and other marine chemicals such as potash and magnesium chloride... (more)


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The Marine Chemicals Division will push the boundaries of marine chemical innovation by exploring the further potential of sea bittern to incrementally extract chemicals such as potassium salt and magnesium salt for use in India’s vast agricultural sector.
Product Range
Brominating Agents
bullet Bromo Acids
bullet Alkyl / Acyl Bromide
bullet Bromoesters
bullet Bromine Compounds
bullet Inorganic Bromine Compounds
The Division is all set to expand its own legend of being innovative and daring by setting out on two new adventures: the manufacture of speciality fertilizers and the production of pharma intermediates.